Group Volunteer Form

All groups MUST schedule volunteer opportunities with the Volunteer Coordinator prior to service. Groups are scheduled on a first come first serve basis to fulfill service needs.

  • To be considered as a volunteer with St. Mary’s Dining Room the following information is required to be completed in full by the group leader.
  • Volunteers under 18 must have an adult chaperoning during their time on campus.  There must at least 1 adult for every 5 youth volunteers.  If this ratio is not maintained, the group will be asked to reschedule their experience to a later date.

  • Volunteer Opportunities (Please mark the opportunities you are interested in)

  • -Long pants (no shorts or capris). -Sleeved shirt (T‐shirts are good. no tank‐tops). -Closed toed shoes (no sandals or high heels). -Aprons, hairnets and gloves will be provided.
    Please do not bring any personal belongings. We do not have a secure storage area and can not be responsible for lost items.
  • Out of respect and privacy for our clients, we do not permit any forms of video, photography, evangelization and/or interviews with our clients on our campus.

    • If you need to track your hours FOR ANY REASON (court, school, Service Clubs, etc.), you will need to register for our Community Service Program. Please ask for further information.
    • Follow all staff instructions, safety procedures, and tasks assigned. Inform staff immediately if you are not comfortable with an assigned task.
    • The group is responsible for obtaining parental/guardian consent for all volunteers under the age of 18 years old to volunteer with St. Mary’s Dining room.
    • Volunteers under 18 years of age (youth) must have an adult chaperone. One adult may chaperone up to 5 youth.
    • Volunteers have the right to work in an environment free from harassment. This includes unwelcome verbal and/or physical conduct that degrades or shows hostility or aversion toward a staff member, another volunteer, or a client. Please inform your supervisor if any problems should arise.

    We trust that your volunteer experience will be a positive one.