Volunteer Instructions


Due to the increase COVID-19 cases in our county, we are currently not offering Volunteer and Community Service (CS) opportunities until further notice. 

Guest Respect & Privacy

Out of respect and privacy for our guests, we do not permit any forms of video, photography, evangelization and/or interviews with our guests on our campus. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parking and Directions

Our gate attendant can assist with parking and directions. Parking is available in our gated lot across from our main entrance. Please do not park in the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless.

Dress Code

Please leave personal belongings at home (Purses, Backpacks, etc.)
We do not have a secure place for storage and can not be responsible for lost items. 

Please wear appropriate clothing per department. Below is the dress code for our Kitchen and Dining Room:

  • Long pants (no shorts or capris).
  • Sleeved shirt (T‐shirt or Long Sleeve. no tank‐tops).
  • Closed toed shoes or nonslip shoes (no sandals or high heels).
  • Aprons, hairnets and gloves will be provided. You can wear a baseball cap in place of a hairnet.

Donations/Property of St. Mary's Dining Room (SMDR)

Donations are property of SMDR. Removing food, clothing, donations and/or any property from SMDR without the permission from our CEO will result in termination of volunteerism. Volunteers do not receive any form of compensation for their service.

Photo/Media Release

Volunteers may be photographed or captured in video recordings during their volunteer experience. By volunteering at St. Mary’s Dining Room, volunteers thereby authorize St. Mary’s Dining Room to publish any photography/video taken of volunteers for use in St. Mary’s Dining Room’s publications or other media material produced including, but not limited to: brochures, television, websites, social media and/or other marketing materials. It is understood that volunteers’ participation in any publication, websites, or other media produced by St. Mary’s Dining Room, and/or an entity acting with their permission, confers upon volunteers no rights of compensation or ownership whatsoever.